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Every film we produce seeks to entertain, inspire and empower audiences. The main characters of each story have extraordinary lifes, uplifting our human spirit. Some part of you can be reflected in them. 


Fiction Feature Film

Stage: Development

Director: Gustavo Nieto Roa

Co-Director: Edison Vanegas

Screenwriter: Diego Fernando Rojas

Nelson Forçan

Producer: Gustavo Nieto Roa,

Camilo Vidales Zamora

Executive Producer: Camilo Cano Busquets,

Camilo Vidales Zamora

Musical Producer: Julio Reyes Copello

Associate Producers: Marta Escotet

Mónica Borda



Captura de pantalla 2023-11-04 a la(s) 7.10.37 p. m..png

Based on the incredible True Story of Helio Neto, the football player that survived the airplane crash of Club Chapecoense (Brazil) when the team was going to play the Final of the "Copa Sudamericana de Fútbol" against Atlético Nacional (Colombia) in 2016.


Amazingly Helio Neto dreamed of that accident. A film full of drama, faith, resilience and solidarity also shows hoy thousands of opponent fans and a worldwide community of the football ecosystem, coming together to honor the  deceased team mates and colleagues. 


Fiction Feature Film

Stage: Development

Director: Mónica Borda

Screenwriter: Jörg Hiller Mónica Borda

Screenwriter Assistant: Johanna Gutiérrez

Producer: Gian G. Foschini

Executive Producer: Camilo Vidales

Marta Escotet



Beyond is the motion picture version of the powerful True Story inspired by the life of leader, social entrepreneur and CNN Heroin, Catalina Escobar.


A dramatic event transforms her life; her way of coping with pain and grief leads her to a powerful crusade of hope for thousands of women and girls in Colombia. 

When Catalina thought she had lost it all, the possibility of saving others transform her life..."Juanfe had to die in order for thousands of girls to be saved."


Fiction Feature Film

Stage: Development

Director: TBD

Screenwriters: Matías Rojas Valencia

Francoise Nieto-Fong

Producer: Francoise Nieto-Fongi

Executive Producer: Camilo Vidales

Gustavo Nieto Roa

Associate Producer:

Sergio Vargas



Captura de pantalla 2023-11-04 a la(s) 7.11.11 p. m..png

THE CLIMBER is a fiction mini-series project based on the incredible true story of Nelson Cardona, a Colombian man who since his birth had to face all kinds of adversities; physical, mental and social, becoming the first Latin American with a disability to reach the top of Mount Everest, the highest peak in the world. It is a universal story about resistance and redemption.

At this moment we are developing a portfolio of five feature films.
Entertaining and inspiring movies based in true stories of extraordinary Latin Americans whose life portray compelling universal stories.


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